How does reducing medical errors complete your program?

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The risks of not having a comprehensive error reduction program in place.

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RadPhysics offers various programs, protocols, procedures, and forms specific to radiation oncology. These documents provide written step-by-step processes in various technical aspects of radiation oncology. All documents can be downloaded and are customizable.  Procedures and protocols are based, in part, on various publications, recommendations of professional organizations, and requirements of regulatory agencies. Procedures and protocols include all forms that are referenced in that specific document. Individual forms are available ala carte.

MERP can be preconfigured to include these programs, protocols, procedures, and forms in the program’s tutorial section. Or the user can create their own library and store their documents in MERP. Either method creates a complete closed-loop system where errors and their long-term corrective action plans are tied to procedures as part of process improvement. If you would like to include our programs, protocols, procedures, and forms as part of MERP, please contact us for information and discount pricing.

RadPhysics also provides training materials and specialty services. The training materials include various instructional tools useful for talks and lectures in radiation oncology. The specialty services cover areas of specific needs:

  • Comprehensive filing system for maintaining compliance with state/federal regulatory requirements and accreditation standards,
  • Error reduction training in the methodology used for risk reduction and patient safety in MERP,
  • Custom individual error feedback using remote access as a third party, and
  • Updates of standards/regulations in MERP and benchmark programs (policies & procedures).